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Showcasing students’ work … using Pinterest as an example … is a very effective way to motivate them (students) to want to participate in and excel at assigned curriculum:

As they peruse their various projects and “product” (item as an end result) en masse … Pinterest display, in this case … and as a collective body or group of individuals working towards one common means (goal), there’s a sense of team achievement. Personally, there is a variety of tags that can be applied to the “psyche”: self-esteem, pride, relevance (purpose), ownership, achievement, completion (closure). This team feeling and these tags … and more … are important for participation and follow-through within higher education and at the workplace.

The collection of work can also be used as learning tools for others. The waves of new students that “pour” into the classroom, semester after semester, year after year, can view and use the collection (other collections) as a guideline (template). What is probably more important is the fact that the collection becomes a motivational tool for the new students to participate and achieve in a competitive sense as they are tasked to work on similar projects.

Facebook is another example:


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